The Connecticut Coalition to
Regulate Marijuana

It's time to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Connecticut


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Who We Are

The Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana is a group of like-minded organizations and individuals who are committed to ending the failed policy of marijuana prohibition in the Constitution State.

We approach the issue from many perspectives, but we all agree that regulating marijuana like alcohol would be far better than the status quo. We hope you’ll join us.


Marijuana taxes could #SaveUConn

Marijuana taxes could #SaveUConn

On September 16, the Connecticut General Assembly shocked the state by passing a Republican budget, despite Democrats holding a slim majority of seats in the House and a tie-breaking vote in the Senate. Governor Malloy vetoed the budget, and the legislature declined to override his veto. That means Connecticut is still without a budget, though some lawmakers are asking to use the legislature’s bill as the starting point for further negotiations. Yet according to officials at the University of Connecticut, that budget would have decimated our state’s flagship university.

Budget stalemate continues; make legalization part of the solution

Budget stalemate continues; make legalization part of the solution

On Friday, Governor Dannel Malloy vetoed the budget the General Assembly passed after a handful of Democrats supported the Republican proposal. Leaders continue to explore cuts and revenue options to close the divide, but most of those options are highly unpopular.

First, Do No Harm

Marijuana prohibition does far more harm than good, and that’s why a majority of Connecticut residents support ending it.

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Protect Our Youth

Drug dealers don’t card. Moving marijuana sales into state-licensed outlets would allow for strict regulations against selling to people under 21 years of age.

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Promote Public Health

We need child-resistant packaging, testing products for mold or other contaminants, clear labeling with potency and serving sizes, and bans on certain products.

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Boost the Economy

Regulating marijuana like alcohol will create thousands of good-paying jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, retail, and many other fields and bring in over $180 Million per year in taxes.

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Advance Social Justice

Marijuana prohibition has been disproportionately targeted at communities of color, and criminal records make it difficult to access many government services or even to get jobs, housing, or further one’s education.

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