Many legislators already support regulating marijuana like alcohol, and we gain new allies every year. We'd like to thank the following state representatives and senators, who have each introduced or sponsored bills to legalize marijuana:

State Senators:

1. Sen. Martin M. Looney
2. Sen. Gary A. Winfield

State Representatives:

1. Rep. Toni E. Walker
2. Rep. Melissa H. Ziobron
3. Rep. Robyn A. Porter
4. Rep. Josh Elliott
5. Rep. Juan R. Candelaria
6. Rep. Angel Arce
7. Rep. Gregory Haddad
8. Rep. Jeff Currey
9. Rep. Patricia A. Dillon
10. Rep. Edwin Vargas
11. Rep. Christopher Rosario
12. Rep. Diana S. Urban
13. Rep. Susan M. Johnson
14. Rep. James M. Albis
15. Rep. Kim Rose
16. Rep. Steven J. Stafstrom
17. Rep. Matthew Lesser
18. Rep. Ezequiel Santiago
19. Rep. Geraldo C. Reyes
20. Rep. Roland J. Lemar
21. Rep. Robert Sanchez
22. Rep. John "Jack" F. Hennessy
23. Rep. Peter A. Tercyak
24. Rep. Michael D'Agostino
25. Rep. Russell A. Morin
26. Rep. Rick Lopes
27. Rep. Terry B. Adams

If your state representative and senator are not on this list, please contact them and ask them to sponsor a bill to legalize marijuana during the 2019 session!