Send an email to your lawmakers. Our automated system makes it as easy as typing in your address and sending a pre-written letter, but you can also personalize your message for added impact.

Make a phone call or two. Phone calls often carry even more weight than emails. Please consider calling contact your state representative and your state senator telling them you support regulating marijuana like alcohol. You can find your lawmakers’ contact information here.

Tips: Be polite and concise, and be sure to tell them you are a constituent! If you’re too nervous to make a phone call, that’s okay. Call after business hours and leave a voicemail; they’ll listen to it in the morning, and it’ll give you good practice for the future.

Write letters to the editor. Whether you’re expanding on a good point or refuting a bad one, letters to the editor are a great way to engage in the statewide conversation on marijuana regulation. Almost every newspaper prints letters, and they get read by a lot of people — so we encourage you to write your own, and you can check out our News section for examples of letters that went to print.

You can also check out our facts page for some key points you can include. Letters should typically be 250 words or less, and they’re more likely to be printed if they reference a recent article.

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