Stay informed about Connecticut Coalition to Regulate Marijuana

It's not over until June 7. Tell lawmakers to regulate marijuana like alcohol!

Rumors have been circulating that marijuana regulation is dead. While it’s true that SB 11 didn’t make it out of the Judiciary Committee, we knew that we’d meet strong resistance there, and the fight for marijuana regulation is far from over.
Four bills to regulate marijuana were introduced this year, and three of them have stalled. To stay updated — including on a possible Appropriations Committee hearing — and to coordinate with other advocates, you can follow us on Facebook.
Even if no bills make it through their committees, there are multiple paths to victory. Marijuana regulation could be attached to another bill, or even the budget. While legalization won’t fix the $1.7 billion budget gap by itself, the $100 million in new taxes would help — and it’s probably the only tax that voters actually want to see increased.
We’re not the only ones staying optimistic. Just listen to Senate President Pro Tem Martin Looney:
"At a time when our state budget is in need of new sources of revenue, I doubt this will be the final conversation on this topic.” 
As the budget debate continues, and as bills advance in Rhode Island and Vermont, the case for regulating marijuana like alcohol only gets stronger. Help us by calling and emailing your elected officials. Then, pass this message on to others so that they, too, can speak out for sensible marijuana policy.
Keep on fighting!

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