Eight states are now regulating marijuana like alcohol, but all of those measures were enacted by ballot initiative, where the public votes on a single proposal. Since Connecticut’s Constitution does not allow for ballot initiatives, we are working to become the first state where the legislature passes a bill to regulate marijuana.

At this time, two bills have been introduced, and each are making their way through the legislative process. Several other bills addressing other aspects of the program will be introduced and considered by committees in the coming weeks. We will be updating this page as things progress, but at this time, please click below to see each of the bills. 

HB 5458

An Act Concerning the Regulation of the Retail Sale of Marijuana. (Summary available here.)

SB 487

An Act Concerning the Legalization, Taxation and Regulation of the Retail Sale and Recreational Use of Marijuana and Concerning the Production and Regulation of Hemp. (Summary available here.)